All of these reviews are unsolicited, and they are now mostly on the Google reviews site.

Excellent service - quick and efficient micro suction on a blocked ear canal. Hearing restored in seconds. Mary was great - gentle but professional. The office location is very convenient to Bond Street / Oxford Circus tubes. I'd definitely return for other ear issues. Well worth the money.

James Trewin (from Google reviews)- Jul 2017

I can't recommend the clear ear clinic enough. booked in the morning ear unblocked in the afternoon life back to normal. very friendly staff and very professional.thanks

Darren Y - Jul 2017

The best treatment and advice I have ever received. From receptionist to specialist doctor! I have been a client for many years and guarantee there is no better service available anywhere. Harley Street, by far more expensive, eat your heart out!

Angus N - Jun 2017

Excessive ear wax has been the scourge of my adult life. I would go through weeks of using drops whilst struggling to get an appointment for ear-irrigation at my GPs. The result being I suffered hearing loss, pain and discomfort for weeks at a time. Seldom did the irrigation method work first time, meaning more weeks of waiting and misery. Now I know I can make a quick appointment and be ear-wax free in minutes. No drops or waiting necessary. Amazing service, thank you!

Syed H - May 2017

I wanted to contact you to thank you for the great service received by Sarah this afternoon at the clear ear clinic. I was so impressed with how quickly and efficiently she was able to unblock my ear without the hassle of weeks of olive oil or drops. The service was fantastic and it is great to have my hearing back. 

SK - Oct 2016

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for taking the time to examine my ears earlier today.  It's good to know there isn't a problem.  I greatly appreciated your help.

AC - Aug 2016

Fantastic service this morning! My 17-year-old son's ear became completely blocked with ear wax a couple of days ago. Local surgery fully booked and unable to help us, and minor injuries unit at local hospital also no good - due to go on holiday this Sunday - I didn't know what to do. Found this clinic on the web and decided to take a chance. So incredibly glad I did! We were offered an appointment within a couple of hours, even though it was Saturday. Spotless premises, extremely friendly abnd professional staff. Procedure was quick, clean, painless and 100% effective - so much better than syringing. Son and I both intrigued and repelled by what came out of his ears, and very relieved that it's not still inside him. Family holiday is saved, son reports wonderfully clear hearing and complete aural comfort. Thanks so much!

Judith - Jul 2016

Just had my ear wax removed - its like being born again. No pain no fuss, lovely people and Sally ( the 'remover' ) was charming.. Don't bother with those drops,like putting expanding foam down a blocked drain. Best £80 I ever spent - a huge thanks and just in time as I am flying tomorrow and the ear wax would have made it very uncomfortable.

Stephen L - Jan 2016

As a broadcaster with Classic Fm since it started in 1992, I have had regular problems with excessive wax in my ears which has affected my ability to hear properly.  With the NHS increasingly reluctant to use syringes to alleviate the problem I was delighted to discover the Clear Ear Clinic which uses a completely different method.  Totally safe with no need for messy oils beforehand it was a revelation.   And with the ability to usually get a next day appointment I know that whenever my ears are blocked I can restore my hearing with a minimum of fuss.

Nick Bailey - Nov 2015

I cannot speak too highly of the Clear Ear Clinic from where I have just returned after three weeks of suffering from 90% deafness in one ear, which treatment with drops did not budge. I had tried syringing on two occasions some years ago without success.  A few minutes with the clinic's excellent Mary Kelly, for whom nothing was too much trouble, and I could hear again 100%. She is a gem, as is the clinic

AH - Oct 2014

"I was incredibly impressed with the professional service offered by everyone at Clear Ear Clinic. As soon as I arrived and met friendly faces, I knew I was in safe hands. Although a little apprehensive of the Micro-suction treatment at first, after having it done I couldn't recommend it more! It's accurate, fast and painless - such a relief! Mr Raul Garcia was very understanding and reassuring throughout the whole process too. Mightely impressed. Thank you Clear Ear Clinic!" 

Mr A Potter - Oct 2014

Many thanks to Dr. Raul Garcia for his service on 16th September 2014. The procedure was conducted with the utmost care, skill and professionalism, and I was given illuminating advice regarding a previous ear problem. I couldn't have hoped for a better visit and outcome. My hearing is once again superb, and I left your clinic feeling truly taken care of.

Richard P - Sep 2014

After so many years of suffering with impacted earwax in both ears and with the dreaded thought of having both syringed I stumbled across Micro-suction in a Internet search and decided to give it a go and I can safety say I wish I had had it done years ago! Both Mary and Raul did a great job and I can't recommend enough it was a little uncomfortable in one ear but nothing too bad but other than that it's easy!

DD - Aug 2014

Like many others I had read all the good reviews on your site ... and done a bit of Google homework before visiting you to get an idea of what to expect. I couldn't believe how quick - painless and effective micro suction actually is. You have yourself an impressed customer who will certainly return and recommend your services.

George Johnson - Aug 2014

I walked in at your facility yesterday for ear wax removal. I am very happy with the service I got within a very short space of time and most important the service was very professional (from front desk to consulting room).

Prof M.J. Chimbari - Jul 2014

I had to drop you a quick email of thanks for the superb treatment that completely cured my ear pain and loss of hearing. Microsuction is far superior to the syringing treatments that I have experienced in the past and provides complete and instant relief without the need for administering olive oil for any length of time. I am completely satisfied with the service that you provided and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your surgery to my friends and family.

Nigel Trickey - May 2014

Wow! What can I say about your amazing clinic and the amazing Ms Kelly who treated me today. I was really nervous when I came in from years of unsuccessful wax removal. Her expertise and kind and caring manor put me at ease and within 20 minutes as promised years of not being able to hear properly came to an end. My ears were clear. I really can't thank her enough. I would recommend to anybody having problems don't hesitate and come to The Clear Ear Clinic. Thank you so very much. 

 Ms KD - Aug 2013


Thank you so much for the wonderful service you did on the 19th of August, I [can] hear again in my right ear. It was so worth the money I would recommend to a friend.

 PR - Aug 2013


Brilliant - [T]hank you very much, my ears are both... working properly again and [I] no longer have that feeling of walking underwater.  Very many thanks

Tricia - Aug 2013 


I just want to express my utmost satisfaction with your services. You treated me in May 2013 and I am very grateful for your excellent service. My special thanks to Ms. Mary Kelly who treated me and also to all the staff there. The receptionist was also indeed kind, warm and friendly. Thank you once again! I will definitely recommend all who have ear problems related to your services to go to your clinic. May you continue to prosper!!

Ms Suraya H - May 2013 

You cleared the debris from my ears and restored my hearing. I write to you now in order to express my gratitude on a number of counts: Thanks for listening intently and patiently as I summarised the history of my hearing problems. Thanks for your expertise when it came to removing the accumulated debris in my ears. Thanks for the explanation of the cause of my hearing problem, which was not wax so much as scar tissue. Thanks for the advice with regard to minimising the chance of a recurrence of my problem. Your professional and caring approach put me completely at ease and in your company I felt that I was with someone who was 'on my side'. I will, as you suggest, make an annual visit to the Clear Ear Clinic a permanent fixture in my life


Mr NE - April 2013 

I was despairing of ever hearing "properly" again, my left ear was almost deaf and I found myself struggling to hear what was being said with the right. As a former Radio 1 and 2 Producer my hearing was always something that was so important and that I took for granted. I just didn't feel like going to the GP again for drops and that awful syringing experience!! Then I came across the Clear Ear Clinic website, and after reading of radio man Laurie Taylor's experience I knew this was the solution for me ! I found a very friendly atmosphere in a small clinic just behind Oxford Street, a stone's throw from my old stomping ground at Broadcasting House. Professional expertise put me at ease and after a most unusual, though not painful "hoovering" of both ears I was back on the street within 20 minutes, and I could hear !!!! It was worth every penny, and very reasonably priced. Don't hesitate, I'd forgotten how wonderfully noisy London's West End could be !!!! Thank you so much.

Andy Grahamme-Morris. Ex Radio 1 and 2 Producer. Former Radio Presenter.

When you know you need to get your ears syringed but you just can't be bothered with the hassle of drops or warm olive oil on your pillows, forget about the aural enema and try this. The Clear Ear Clinic offers microsuction that literally Dysons everything - however hard or deep - out of your ears... It's curiously ticklish, but utterly painless, and the staff are perfectly happy to join in your childish chorus of: 'Eeewww! How can that have been in there?' while you examine your waxy secretions.

Tatler magazine - Oct 2012 issue

  "I would like to say thank you to the Clear Ear Clinic. I have had blocked ears numerous times over the years and have had to suffer for days or even weeks when they got blocked waiting to have them syringed. My left ear had been blocked for 2 days and I found the Clear Ear Clinic’s site online and booked an appointment. What a relief that within seconds both ears had been cleared (even the good one had quite a lot of wax in it) and I can now hear clearly again. I highly recommend them and it is well worth the money."

Peter Gettins - Jan 2012

"I had my left ear cleared this morning by a lovely lady who explained everything to me and even let my hubby look into to my ears. Its was such a relief afterwards i really thought i would be deaf forever. I would highly recommend your great clinic and service many many thanks. Oh, and well worth the money which is very reasonable. From a very happy mum."

Mrs TK - Jan 2012

"Right. Always go little hoover thing, never syringe. Much nicer."

Magician/Illusionist/Psychological trickster Derren Brown about microsuction on Twitter


"A miracle! In a rush like a tidal wave, I found that I could hear the sound of the traffic in the square outside the window and even the repetitive gurgle of the water supply in the aquarium on the wall. I could hear again."

Broadcaster Laurie Taylor about the Clear Ear Clinic in The New Humanist