Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to use ear drops before I come to see you?

A: No! You can come and see us as soon as you have a problem and have it sorted out in one visit. Microsuction, unlike syringing, doesn't require fiddling with drops for weeks before-hand. Don't worry if you have been using them already - we can deal with that as well.

Q: I have otitis externa (inflammation/ infection of ear canal) in both ears, can you help?

A: Yes. Microsuction is part of the best treatment of otitis externa, we'll be able to clear the infected debris and usually improve your hearing immediately. Our doctors will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment or we will work with your GP to make sure you get the best management.

Q: Do you only remove wax with a sucker? Can you remove it with other methods?

A: It really depends on the wax you have in your ears. We use the tools which are appropriate to the job, but yes, we can use scoops and fine probes to remove the wax without the sucker. If you'd prefer this just ask us beforehand, it's not always possible but we will try.

Q: I've had ear problems and surgery on my ears in the past, is microsuction appropriate for me?

A: Absolutely. Irrigation removal of wax (syringing) in ears which have had previous problems is contraindicated. Because microsuction is conducted under the operating microscope we can always see what we are doing, this is considered safer.

Q: I've emailed you for an appointment, how long will I have to wait for a reply?

A:  We try to answer all email as soon as we receive it. Most emails are answered within an hour during work hours. 

Q: I had my ears cleared but I'm still having trouble with them, what should I do?

A: We're sorry to hear that. Please make an appointment to see us again as soon as possible, we'll try to fix this if we can. There is no charge for a follow-up appointment within 2 weeks.

Q: Do you have step-free access?

A: We do, but we need a bit of warning to get the ramps in place, so please let us know when you book.

Q: This may seem like a strange question, but do you have gift vouchers?

A: You're not the first person to ask, and yes, we do! Use the contact form to tell us about it and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Are you covered by BUPA/AXA/ other health insurers?

A: It depends on your insurer. We are happy to fill in any forms you need to claim your fees back from your insurer but we don't take payments from them directly. Please check with them that they will cover your treatment by the practitioner you are seeing, as sometimes they will cover a doctor but not a nurse.

Q: Can I book to see a specific person?

A: Of course, just ask the receptionist to make the appointment for the day your preferred provider works. Unfortunately we can't always guarantee that your appointment will be with a particular person, but anyone who sees you will be fully qualified to undertake your care. 

Q: I have another question you haven't answered here.

A: Please use the contact form to tell us about it.